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Best Gambling News

Best Gambling News

For most North American gamblers, the best gambling news they could receive would be that the Federal Law outlawing online gambling, has been rescinded. 

This law has been likened to the Volstead Act, which ushered in the era of prohibition of alcohol in the 1920's and 30's, with all the lawlessness that accompanied the illicit booze trade that sprang up as a result. 

The new legislation prohibits US firms from taking bets over the internet. It also makes it illegal for US banks and credit card companies to make payments or accept deposits as a result of such activities. 

What is likely to happen as result? 

More and more gambling sites will be set-up in areas where there is little or no formal regulation of such activities. The opportunities for fraud and other types of scams will escalate, in a climate where little or no legislation exists to ensure the legitimacy of such operations. 

In no way could this be described as the best gambling news. This is definitely bad news for all internet gamblers for it means that finding those sites where security and some regulatory oversight is exercised will become increasingly difficult. 

Indeed, some legitimate gambling companies have folded as a result of this legislation and still others have sold up, for next to nothing. Ways around the legislation are already being employed by North American gamblers who rightly feel that their freedom to behave as they wish in the privacy of their own homes has been infringed as a result of this legislation. 

Bad news indeed for those behind the legislation in Washington and the 'Bible Belt', where it is thought that the impetus for this legislation originated. 

The result of the legislation is likely to be the 'criminalisation' of otherwise law-abiding citizens, whose only 'crime' is to use their own money as they see fit. 

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Quick Tip #2

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