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Best Gambling Recommendations

Best Gambling Recommendations

If searching the internet for the best gambling recommendations, there are close to 2 million pages that appear for that search term. 

So how do you identify the best recommendations, from all those results. 

My definition of the best recommendations are those which either help me to make more money from my gambling, help me cut my losses or manage my money more efficiently. 

In other words, the best recommendations make it into my own list of rules and behaviours that are my own personal recommendations to my self. 

What do I mean by that? For example, when I bet on horse racing, I never risk more than 5% of my playing capital at any one time. 

This ensures that a loss, or even a string of losses, will not wipe me out. When I play roulette, I have only sufficient capital with me to play 3 series of bets. 

If I lose the 3 series, ( a wipe-out), my rules stipulate that my play at that casino is over for the day. 

By only having the capital for 3 series of bets, it ensures that I can't 'chase my losses'. The tables weren't running my way on that occasion, and chasing my losses just exposes me to further losses. 

With one winning series of bets, covering approximately three and a half losing strings, I can afford the odd 'wipe-out'. If I win any one of my series of bets, my rules also stipulate that my play at that casino is over for the day. The objective is to come out ahead, which I usually do. 

Only by exercising the discipline that my own recommendations impose on my overall playing strategy, do I come out ahead in the long term. So for me, my best gambling recommendations are the ones that give me the framework within which I can gamble almost automatically. 

They ensure that I come out a winner over the long term. 

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Quick Tip #1

Try and stick to the bigger online casinos - the reputable ones process literally millions of dollars and do so efficiently. You don't want to go with a small site that nobody has ever heard of. If you win big against them then you could have problems getting them to pay out your winnings and thats never good!

Quick Tip #2

If you want to try playing different games, you should try and do some research before you start. There are lots of sites with good tips and strategies like that will help you get started with a solid plan. The worst thing you can do is start playing blindly with no knowledge or prior background of how the game even works.

Quick Tip #3

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