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Best Gambling Rules

Best Gambling Rules

Without doubt, the best gambling rules are the ones you devise yourself. Obviously, each form of gambling has rules of the game that have to be adhered to, but you have to have your own rules, that govern your own behaviour when you are gambling. 

The one thing that separates professional gamblers from the amateurs, is that professional gamblers will know exactly what they are going to do under any given set of circumstances. 

In other words they have their own set of gambling rules which they stick to, win or lose. 

If you're playing Blackjack for example, if you have a consistent set of rules that govern your actions for every possible situation you face, then you stand a far better chance of having a winning session. 

Of equal importance when gambling is to have a set of money management rules. 

The first and golden rule of money management, is never to play with money that you can't afford to lose. If you ignore this advice, you will place yourself under a psychological penalty which will affect the way you play, especially if you're playing any kind of card game that requires split second decisions. 

Your mental approach to the game will affected by your 'fear of loss' and this will 'color' the decisions you make. If you're playing with money that it doesn't matter whether you lose or not, your mental approach to your play will be entirely different. 

You'll have a much more relaxed attitude to your play and you're more likely to make the correct decision for the circumstances. You'll also be better able to follow your own gambling rules more closely, if you have a relaxed attitude to the money you are risking. 

If you don't yet have your own set of gambling rules that govern your behaviour, then it is strongly recommended that you sit down and write a list out now. 

If you don't wish to do that, then at least get a set of guidelines from one of the many websites that publish such things. 

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Quick Tip #2

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